About Harry Potter - What Every Kid Should Know... By P.D. Moore

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About Harry Potter - What Every Kid Should Know...

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J. K. Rowling is the richest woman in Britain and the first billionaire in history to become so by writing books. So what is the secret of her success? And who really wrote Harry Potter anyway? About Harry Potter gives an authentic and alternative version of Harry Potter story and the real reason J.K. Rowling wrote the books.

A must for all magical folks, young people and kids who are bewitched by magic. Muggles you have been warned!

ISBN: 978-0954359638
Format: Paperback

  • I was reading the last paragraph of "Secrets Behind The Veil". I have enjoyed the book immensely and am encouraged to read further along those lines. I am looking forward to ordering more books as well. God bless.
    - Beverly

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