Yoga is Powerful - But is it Really Bad for You? By P.D. Moore

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Yoga is Powerful - But is it Really Bad for You?

by P.D. Moore


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Despite is popularity amongst people of all walks of life, the power of Yoga remains one of the mysteries in life that boggles the mind. Does it work? Or is it all hocus-pocus? If it does work, what is the energy, or power behind Yoga? And why does new scientific research suggest that Yoga may be very bad for you? Spiritually, and psychologically!

Discover the hidden and unspoken dangers of Yoga to your psychological and mental health! And learn how to avoid these pitfalls.

ISBN: 978-0954359614
Format: Paperback

  • I was reading the last paragraph of "Secrets Behind The Veil". I have enjoyed the book immensely and am encouraged to read further along those lines. I am looking forward to ordering more books as well. God bless.
    - Beverly

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