Secrets Behind the Veil - What You Don't Know Can't Hurt You... By P.D. Moore

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Secrets Behind the Veil - What You Don't Know Can Hurt You...

by P.D. Moore  |  Contact The Author


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This book looks behind the energies invoked in many alternative Healing therapies, such as Meditation and Yoga, Tantra, Reiki, Pilates, Chakras healing, Feng shui, Therapeutic Touch, Kabbalah etc. It also shows the connection between Yoga and Hypnosis!

A must read for anyone seriously interested in or thinking about using alternative medicine.

ISBN: 978-0954359607
Format: Paperback

  • I was reading the last paragraph of "Secrets Behind The Veil". I have enjoyed the book immensely and am encouraged to read further along those lines. I am looking forward to ordering more books as well. God bless.
    - Beverly

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